Our Mission

To transform scientific game changing discovery into wide-spread industrial implementation for a broad spectrum of applications by solving all inventive and innovative technical issues; our first case: Controlled Radical Polymerization (CRP).

While CRP is able to achieve compositional and architectural control in vinyl polymer, its market share is very far from what has been predicted, because state-of-art CRP is not compatible with the operational setting in specialties industry.

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Serendipitous Discovery

Rational design has unveiled a new class of universal alkoxyamine regulators for controlling radical polymerization of vinyl monomer with unique and previously unknown features.

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Invention: Suppression of Termination

Regulators overcome the principle limitation of Nitroxide-Mediated Polymerization (NMP): they effectively suppress termination and successfully control homopolymerization of methacrylic monomer.

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Innovative Process Aspects

Suppressing termination facilitates running the process semi-continuously at high instantaneous conversion and allows for a facile transition into aqueous phase dispersed systems.

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Ease of Industrial Implementation

Regulators do not significantly raise the cost of polymer to be produced; polymers are ready-to-use / ready-to-formulate: no post-polymerization modification is needed.

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Want to know more?

If your company desires architectural & compositional control in vinyl polymer and wants to explore the benefits of our technology as a means to that end, please feel free to contact Dispoltec:

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